“To be a Woman”

What does it means

                    “To be a Woman”

A home keeper

A family looker

A child’s care taker

A home chef

The one who need to think about

What she wears

What she speaks

Where she goes &

With whom she is…

The one who can’t travel alone,

Who doesn’t need to work beside her husband.

Who can’t earn equal to men.

Who doesn’t have freedom to live alone.

This is the defined “IMAGE OF WOMEN in our society.

And this is how “OUR GIRLS GROW UP” believing in this made up story.

But now, it’s high time for us to change.

Thus, we women are working FOR THE WOMEN”

So, our girls of present & tomorrow understand

What does it mean “TO BE WOMEN”

An entrepreneur

A politician

A solo traveler

A fighter, runner & athletic…

A bachelor independent girl

A single self-supporting mother

A pre-thinker who is strong, agile & owns the power to build a life of her own.

So, here in WEC,

We train women of different age to be self-independent who can stand up not just for herself but for all.

Hear out about the women’s experience at WEC in our videos.

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