About Our Organization

Economic Empowerment of women is crucial to women’s equal participation in all aspects of life leadership, participation, decision-making, and many more.

 We promote women-led enterprise, women’s employment, and financial independence of marginalized, Dalit, and Schedule tribe women by enhancing their skills and connecting their services of products to the market.

Despite more than 12 hours of daily workload in the household or agriculture sector, their contribution is simply not counted. Because of a huge gap in gender disparity, coming out of the home and changing their lives with paid jobs or entrepreneurship is a hard nut to crack. Early or forced marriage, patriarchal social setting, and less emphasis on the education of marginalized, Dalit, and scheduled tribe girls have led to the marginalization of women and girls

Our Vision

Our Mission

       Orange Butterflies (WEC) envisions a country where, women are respected equally and seen as, as able as men.

To have gender diversity, we sensitize the community about gender disparity and offer access to skills and opportunities to become self-sustainable in different fields.

Our Philosophy

We believe that women should be treated and respected equally in every aspect of society. Opportunities should be open for all, without any gender discrimination.

Our Core Values

 Respect each other: We work together to create a culture of inclusion built on trust, respect, equality, and dignity for all.

Integrity: We are open, honest, and direct in our dealings.

Accountability: we take ownership of each work we do.

Committed to work: we are committed to working more efficiently so that we have more direct & indirect beneficiaries.

Collaboration: We are open to collaborating with other organizations to work together.

Teamwork: We believe in teamwork, always looking for more efficient ways to serve the good.