Make a Donation

You can donate to us any amount you wish, every penny counts a lot for those who are in need. The money you donate, we use mostly on life-changing activities for marginalized women & girls in Nepal including empowerment workshops, confidence and personality development workshops, awareness campaign & health check-ups, education scholarships, and many more.

You can either support any following event in particular or in general. Your small support can make a huge difference in someone’s life.


Skill Development Trainings

We provide different types of skill development training such as driving, beadwork, stitching, plumbing, graphics design, housekeeping, coffee making, marketing, accounting, vermicomposting, plant nursery, and many more. Your 100$ contribution can train one woman in any specific training for 3 months, which will enable her to gain knowledge & will be able to start a job

Health Awareness Campaign

Along with our skill development training, we believe that good health is also a need of an hour for our women groups. Hence, we run awareness campaigns and health check-up camps regularly. Your 2$ contribution can help a girl or a woman to participate in awareness campaigns. Your 10$ contribution can help a woman to get her cancer screening test for cervical & breast cancers.

Building a Food Forest/ Analogue Forest

Climate is a state of concern for everyone in life. Many of us and even the indigenous flora and fauna have been affected by this climate change. Hence, we have taken a step forward to restore the forest, empower women, and create jobs for local women through this forest. In this forest, we have planted fruits, vegetation & herbal medicinal plants. To develop further into the park, we are raising funds, and your 10$ contribution can help us to employ one woman for one day in this development.

Scholarships toward girl child education

We also support our women by providing scholarships to their children for their education. Your 50$ contribution can educate a girl child for a year.

Our Bank Details

Bank Name: Citizens’ bank International Ltd

Account Name: Women Empowerment Centre

Account Number: 0210100000360201

Swift Code: CTZNNPKA

Branch: Kirtipur

WhatsApp Contact Number: +977-9813923392

Contact Name: Geeta Dangol Maharjan (Founder & Director)

Email Id: geeta[at]orange-butterflies[dot]org