Implemented Projects

Public Speaking Program

We conducted the public speaking programs in different districts of Nepal for 150 Women and girls from different backgrounds.

Uniform stitching training

We conducted 3months of Level 2 training to learn about uniform design and stitching for those who have cleared Level1 training in basic stitching.

Tree Plantation Program

On the Occasion of World Environment Day, we planted 200 fruit and medicinal plants. After this plantation, we are converting this into a food forest or Analog Forest where we are developing a meditation park. Through this program, we're able to raise 70000NPR (553USD). This fund will go towards the empowerment of women in the community.

Awareness campaign on Women cancer

We conducted a PAP smear test for 98 Women in Kirtipur in 2019 where 9 of them were found positive and hence referred for further check-ups and follow-ups.